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The following chronicles the events that have taken place in the life of the Church as a Cathedral during the third incarnation of the Anglican Church in the City of St. John's.  Very little information survived the disasters of the two previous Churches that occupied the same site.

 Year Date  Event 
 1842 2 August  Letters Patent issued erecting the Bishopric of Antigua and establishing the Arch-deaconries of Antigua and Saint Christopher (St. Kitts), also the Town of St. John's to be the City of Saint John's. 
  24 August  Daniel Gateward Davis consecrated first Bishop of Antigua in Westminster Abbey .
   1 October Robert Holberton and Francis Braithwaite appointed Archdeacons of Antigua and Saint Christopher (St. Kitts) respectively. 
 1843 8 February  Earthquake which did much damage in Antigua destroying the Churches; especially the second Cathedral building erected in 1723.
   5 May Hon. Robert Horsford became first Chancellor of the Diocese. 
   12 May Daniel Gateward Davis enthroned as the first Bishop of Antigua .
 1845 9 October Cornerstone of the third Cathedral Church laid.
 1847 10 October  The third Cathedral opened for Divine Service
1848 25 July  The Cathedral consecrated
1857 25 October  Bishop Davis died in England
1858 2 February  Stephen Jordan Rigaud consecrated Bishop in Lambeth Palace Chapel.
  13 July  Bishop Rigaud enthroned.
1859 17 May  Bishop Rigaud died at Clare Hall.
1860 17 May  William Waldron Jackson consecrated in the Parish Church at Lambeth, England.
  3 July  Bishop Jackson landed at English Harbour.
  5 July  Bishop Jackson enthroned.
1870 6 January  First Annual Church Conference.
1873 14 October  Act passed to disestablish and disendow the Church in Antigua with effect from 1st January 1875.
1879 28 February  Reverend Charles James Branch collated as Archdeacon of Antigua.
  27 May  Bishop Jackson went to live in England.  Archdeacon Branch became Commissary.
1881 6 November  Evening Service held for the first time in the Cathedral, lamps having been provided by voluntary contributions.
1882 2 March  Bishop Coadjutor Mitchinson retired to England.
  25 July  Charles James Branch consecrated Bishop at Lambeth Palace, England. 
  6 November  West Indian Bishops formed their Dioceses into a Provincial Synod in Jamaica.  Bishop Austin of Guyana (then British Guiana) first Primate.
1883 1 January  Daily Morning Prayer started in the Cathedral.
1884 18 June  First Session of Diocesan Synod held in Antigua.
  13 October  Clock and Bell used in the Scotch Church returned to the Cathedral.
  14 October  Bishop Branch presented with a Pastoral Staff and Ring by the Clergy.
1885 14 November  Pair of massive silver candlesticks returned to the Cathedral. 
1887 21 June  Surpliced Choir for first time in Cathedral on the occasion of the Queen's Jubilee (Queen Victoria), and doors removed from the pews.
1889 9 February  Samuel Jones, the Sexton of the Cathedral (and father of Dr. Jones of St. Kitts), who was born a slave, died. 
1890 13 September  Learned Treatise in Latin on Anglican Orders by Archdeacon Clarke of Antigua published.
1891 21 April  Hymns A&M adopted in the Cathedral and recommended for use throughout the Diocese. 
  2 July  James and Anderson Harney licensed as Catechist in Virgin Gorda.. 
  21 September  Early celebration of Holy Eucharist on Saints' Days began in Cathedral. 
1893 17 September  An Altar given to the Cathedral by Headmaster and Boys of the Antigua Grammar School. 
1895 27 June  Frederick Maurice Mercier, a Catechist of many years' standing, died.
  25 November  Bishop Jackson died and Bishop Branch became Bishop of the Diocese. 
  1 December  The Reverend H.Y. Shepherd appointed Rector of St. John's. 
1896 23 April Enthronement of Bishop Branch
  13 August Bishop Branch died in St. Kitts.
1897 18 July Herbert Mather consecrated Bishop in Lambeth Palace Chapel.
  14 October Bishop Mather enthroned.
1898 4 September Brass Lectern at Cathedral dedicated  in memory of Bishop Branch.
1905 7 May Bishop Farar consecrated in Barbados.
1906 5 February Cathedral burial Ground made over to the Government being reserved at all time.
  5 February Dean and Chapter installed.
1908 30 January Two additional Canons appointed.
1911 15 January Edward Hutson consecrated in in Cathedral Church, Jamaica.
  15 February Bishop Hutson enthroned.
1921 14 December Bishop Hutson appointed Archbishop of the West Indies.
1929 23 April War Memorial Chapel in Cathedral dedicated.
1930 15 January The Reverend G.S. Hand appointed Rector of St. John's and Dean of Antigua.
1932 5 June Special Service for Ter-centenary of Colonization held in Cathedral.
1936 22 October Archbishop Hutson died in Chicago.
1937 29 June George Sumner Hand consecrated Bishop on Sty. Paul's Cathedral, England.
  2 December George Stanley Baker instituted as Rector of St. JOhn's and Sub-Dean.
1942 - 1943    Observation of the Centenary of the Diocese. 
1943 30 May George Stanley Baker installed as Dean of Antigua.
  31 December BIshop George Sumner Hand Resigned.
1944 25  July Nathaniel William Newnham Davis consecrated Bishop in the Cathedral and enthroned as Bishop of Antigua.
1945 26 July Bishop Hand died in St. Kitts.
1947 18 March Dean H.Y Shepherd died.
1948 25 July Centenary Celebrations of Consecration of Cathedral.
1952 30 June Bishop Newnham Davis resigned.
1953 2 February Donald Rowland Knowles consecrated Bishop in Nassau, Bahamas.
  4 February Bishop Knowles enthroned in Antigua.
1966 20 February Her Majesty The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh attended Divine Service in the Cathedral.  Bishop Knowles preached.
  28 July Bishop Newnham died in England.
1968 13 March Archbishop of Canterbury preached in the Cathedral.
1969 30 June Bishop D.R. Knowles resigned.
1970 24 August Orland Ugham Lindsay consecrated Bishop in Jamaica.
  4 September Bishop Lindsay enthroned in Antigua.
  31 December George Stanley Baker, Dean and Rector of the Cathedral, retired.
1971 15 July Fitzroy Elderfield Pestaina instituted as Rector of St. John's and installed as Dean of Antigua.
1974 8 October A severe earthquake damaged the Cathedral.
1976 16 December Dean Pestaina died suddenly at the Deanery.
1977 28 September Hilton Manasseh Carty instituted and installed as Rector of St. John's and Dean of the Cathedral.
1985 14 August Dean Baker died.
1986 30 September Dean Carty retired as Rector & Dean.
1986 9 November William Vincent Lake instituted and installed as Parish Priest of St. John's and Dean of the Cathedral.
1987 18 November The Venerable Archdeacon Alfred E. Jeffrey consecrated as the first Suffragan Bishop of St. John's.
1995 25 July Launch of the 150th Anniversary Appeal for the Restoration of St. John's Cathedral.
1995 16 October Dean Carty died.
1998 17 July Dean Lake celebrated the 25th Anniversary of his ordination to the priesthood.
1998 26 July Solemn Eucharist to celebrate the 150th Anniversary of the Consecration of the Cathedral.